sandy rausch

New Mexicans love their state for its unparalleled scenic beauty, cultural richness and diversity, temperate climate, and laid back lifestyle. I have lived in New Mexico for over 30 years and District 15 has been my home for more than 21 years because New Mexico is truly “The Land of Enchantment.”

I decided to run for New Mexico State Senate District 15 because every year I think things are going to get better and it does not happen. Every year I have hope for positive changes to our state economy, educational systems, and crime statistics but my hope fades. I keep asking myself, “Why?” I know there are many factors that go into driving New Mexico down in state rankings. I know that when I’m given the chance to serve fellow New Mexicans in Santa Fe, I will look at the root causes of these issues and will make changes down the road so that New Mexico is not always last in state rankings.

I know New Mexico has unlimited potential. The time is now for me to be a force of change in Santa Fe to help improve the quality of life of all New Mexicans. It is time to make New Mexico a state that we can be proud to live in and brag about all for its beauty and wonders, economic opportunities, and superior educational systems. My vision for New Mexico is to see it rise from the bottom of national rankings. It is time to reverse the trend and work to make New Mexico attractive as a safe and economically strong haven for families and retirees.

sandy rausch

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